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Synergy Golf Solutions is a full-service golf course marketing company that specializes in delivering results-based golf course marketing products and strategies for golf courses and golf industry clientele.  Long before the advent of golf course marketing companies,  owner and founder of Synergy Golf Solutions David Cowan was working in the golf industry as a General Manager, and was lucky enough to have benefited from the "If You Build It They Will Come" philosophy as the industry continued to grow and flourish at this time.   While enjoying this era of tremendous growth David continued to learn and hone the skills required to market and grow his facilities even further and many of these early practices put in place then are now the foundation of the products being used by Synergy Golf Solutions today to help grow your business.  With over 35 years experience in the actual marketing of golf courses who would you rather trust to help you with your marketing, someone who tells you they can do it or someone with the work and experience in the golf industry to prove it?   


Synergy Golf Solutions offers a full suite of off and online golf marketing services tailored to help our clients achieve success. Our products and services include but are not limited to Golf Course Website Development, Golf Course SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services, Golf Course Data Collection Services, Golf Course Email Marketing, Golf Course Social Media Marketing, as well as Golf Course Content Marketing, Golf Course Reputation Management and Golf Course Photo & Video Editing designed with the golf industry in mind.


Some 20 years ago, Synergy Golf Solutions was also one of the early pioneers in the golf marketing industry as they introduced and specialized in the concept of Content Marketing while utilizing the practice of Engagement and Entertainment as the foundation of their websites and marketing.  Content Marketing was not even an industry buzz word back then as most golf courses continued the standard practice of sell, sell, sell.  Our focus or recommended practice was that if you engaged and entertained your customer first, you were more likely to sell them something as they were less likely to realize they were being sold.

Synergy Golf has come up with the simplest solution that will now allow you to post directly onto your home page news/blog section from your mobile phone.  It is now simple to capture any type of news related happening at your club and in minutes have it posted directly to where it matters, your Homepage.  In addition, once it has posted to your homepage, it will then automatically post to all your Social Media channels without you having to do a thing.  This will not only save you time it will also allow you to use the feature for three different types of news post that are important to your marketing as well as your business.  Now you will have three different types of marketing posts, 1.  General Posts that are golf driven that are about the golf business in general.  2.  Promotional Posts that allow you to promote any event happening at the club that you want people to see and be informed about.  3.  Feel Good Post (Maybe The Most Important) which are exactly that feel good things that most of your Members and Guests truly want to see.  Maybe it's Mrs. Smith first hole in one or a misty morning picture from on the golf course that most people never see, what about Men's or Ladies Night winners or a family of ducks swimming in the pond.  Regardless of the content what is important is that this is now simple to do for you to continue to add content to your own site.

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A Gallus mobile app for your course gives you the key to unlock new growth, increase revenues, and ensure the future success of your golf club.  Take a look at a mobile app as the perfect way to engage your member or customer while at the same time utilizing the many features associated with the app to market to these same individuals.  As distributors of the app across North America, we are pleased to introduce you to Gallus Golf, the #1 Golf App Company in the entire business.


We believe that your website is truly the home of your marketing and an area of your business you must continue to develop and improve in order to provide the proper foundation for your marketing plan.  With this in mind, we make it easy for you to update your site while at the same time engage and entertain your customer.      


Search Engine Optimization, most have heard the term but sadly most have not taken advantage of the opportunity it provides them when it comes to showing up or ranking on the first page of the search engines like google, yahoo or Bing. Understanding that it does not happen by chance is the first step to online success.


The thing to remember when it comes to social media is to make sure that you remain social. We will show you how, while at the same time we will ensure consistency, continuity and a distinct purpose with all your communications We will reach your customer while also reaching the search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.


One of the most important areas of your entire business is most likely one of the most neglected areas of your entire business.  Why?  Because most think it is difficult to do and that it doesn't make a difference.   There is a saying in our industry, "He Who Has The Largest Data Base Wins" - We believe "He Who Has The Largest Data Base and Uses it Correctly Wins"


Some would have you believe that email marketing is no longer a valid way to communicate,  We say they are just not doing it right as e-marketing has never been stronger.  The right message delivered with entertainment and engagement to ensure the customer is consistently opening your message is a tried and true way to communicate.


As we have said before, we believe in the importance of engagement and entertainment as a key to attracting as well as to maintain a good solid customer base.  This philosophy utilizes specific and relative content created by the business such as video, blogs, news, social media etc.  and we are here to help you create this type of varied content.


Have you given thought to what is being said about your business online?  That's right, what is your reputation like online and does this really matter to you or your business.  We think it does matter and that it is important not only to your reputation but also your rankings.  We will help you make sure that it remains clean and clear and an asset to your business.


Video & Photo Editing & Marketing Video Creation.  We will provide the software to be able to modify or edit any pictures or Videos in order to be able to utilize them in a marketing platform. Our Software will not only change the appearance of a photo but we can also turn any group of photos into a promotional video with music, text and a real marketing message.


Synergy Golf Solutions will be a great marketing partner for you as we provide you with a variety of marketing initiatives, software programs, social media programs etc. to build a solid marketing platform.  However, we can also roll up our sleeves and help when needed as we also provide a variety of different services to help you when needed.  All you have to do is ask!


Some of The More Recent Websites We Have Built

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Golf Course Marketing Companies Website Lowville
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Golf Marketing Companies Website Bring Back The Game
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Our work

Synergy Golf Solutions was incorporated in 2005 and is still owned and operated by David Cowan with a primary focus on helping to market golf courses since its inception 13 years ago.  Synergy's first golf course customer was the Hidden Lake Golf Club, with the Lowville Golf Club following them shortly after.  Both clubs located in Burlington Ontario were owned and operated by senior partners and Golf Professionals Terry Parker and George Tidd with Lowville being operated by a third partner Sandy White also a CPGA Pro.  Lowville remains a customer to this day with Hidden Lake being sold off to ClubLink a couple of years back.  Synergy prides itself on a low turnover in its customers or clients and has had basically the same client base since its inception.  


David a devoted father of two girls (Bry & Sam) and loving husband to Fiona operates the golf marketing business from the small town of Port Elgin Ontario located on the shores of Lake Huron also their home for the past 15 years.  David is an avid golfer with a short history of actually being a member of the Ontario PGA.  He has spent his entire career in the golf industry (35+ Years) and has seen many different aspects of the business while holding down a variety of positions during this time.  David started his career in the Golf Retail Business while working for retail giant Nevada Bobs then Dimarco Golf out of Mississauga before moving to the Golf Wholesale Business with a Vancouver based company called Rampion Golf.  Rampion specialized in their own line of no-name golf equipment including bags, clubs accessories etc. in addition to distributing brands such as Ashworth Clothing, Cleveland Golf Equipment and Sun Mountain Golf Bags. 


After extensive travel with Rampion, it was time to settle down with his new wife and it was this time David began to operate Golf Courses as a General Manager.  Over a 20 year period, David operated 4 different golf courses where he truly began to understand the importance of golf club marketing and the role it played in the financial success of the business.  The highlight of his golf marketing and golf management career was the tremendous growth realized at the Mill Run Golf Club in Uxbridge Ontario.  This club had struggled over its 20-year history, and in the first full year, the new team at Mill Run was able to increase rounds by just over 21,000 from 55,000 to 76,000 in total. More importantly, gross revenue was up by $600,000 and the company had shown its first profit with a bottom line increase of just over $300,000.


Since 2005 David has operated Synergy Golf Solutions.  During this period he has worked as an Independent Consultant and has contracted his expertise with a variety of different golf companies including VP of Operations for Dream Shot Golf a Marketing and Promotions Company based in St Louis, General Manager for the Saugeen Golf Club located in Port Elgin, Ontario as well as a variety of consulting positions including the development of a 10 year Strategic Business Plan for the City of Hamilton Golf Courses, in addition to a Business and Marketing Plan for a renowned GTA Golf Facility. He continues along this same path today working with numerous courses from across North America while he continues to strengthen his knowledge and expertise in the virtual world of SEO, E-commerce, Social Media Marketing as well as Website Design and Construction. In addition, he has helped develop a new software program that helps to quickly build golf course databases by providing a solid platform for a viral marketing contest that surely expedites the process. All this, in combination with keeping up with his passion as a Tournament Bass Fisherman and Hobby Scale Motor Car Racing, assures one thing. With so much going on you might just believe the old saying "If You Want Something Done and Done Well, Give it to a Busy Person." In this case, David is ready.
After everything is said and done it really comes down to this, our goal is simple, we help our clients reach more people, more efficiently with a blend of classic marketing tactics and cutting-edge digital tools to achieve one goal, A BETTER BOTTOM LINE for them.


See what people are saying about us! Below are testimonials from real customers.

"We have worked with Synergy Golf & Dave Cowan for the past 10 seasons in all areas of our marketing, advertising, and promotional initiatives. Not only have they led our overall marketing effort and accomplished stellar results, they continue to lead the industry with new and innovative products, ideas and concepts that keep us on the leading edge of the golf business and away ahead of our competition. I would have no hesitation in recommending Synergy Golf to any Golf Course Owner or Operator as long as you’re looking for a partner not afraid to be different than all the rest."


George Tidd, CPGA, Owner Operator, Lowville Golf Club and the Former Hidden Lake Golf Club, Burlington, On




"We are currently using most if not all of the products and services that Synergy Golf is offering including; Website & E-mail Marketing, Text Message Marketing, Data Collection Programs, Mobile Course App, Tee Time Marketing, as well as Consulting Services. I think it is quite obvious how we feel about working with them but more importantly through them, we now understand the need to keep our marketing efforts simple and cost-effective with the ability to measure results. We love the concept of Marketing 101 minus 100 as our guideline to marketing success and look forward to having these fundamental practices continue to help place more bodies on our property."


Doug & Elaine Millar / Owners, Southern Pines Golf Club, Hamilton, On




"Our Golf Course has been working with Synergy Golf for the past six years and I am extremely pleased with the results thus far. I chose Synergy as my marketing partner/consultant based on having known Dave Cowan for many years and understanding his simple approach to marketing that has been very effective for all the courses he had worked directly for in the past. It’s nice to deal with someone that knows the golf business but more importantly, that knows what it is we do as General Managers Owners etc. He can walk the walk, talk the talk but more importantly, he can produce the results."


Jeremy Logel, CPGA, GM, Elmira Golf Club, Elmira, On




I wanted to take a moment to thank you, for the excellent service you have been providing for our club website and new features pertaining to such.  There have been a few instances when we needed changes to be made immediately and each time you have come through for us. You have been very accommodating and willing to work with us to help make our site unique to our club.  We appreciate what you and your team have done for us thus far and look forward to working with you to evolve even further, in years to come.


Kindest regards, Karen Simpson, 4 Seasons Country Club, Claremont , Ont 




What you’ll learn with our Marketing Analysis:


  • Competitive Benchmarking: Is your marketing more or less effective than my competition?
  • Lead GenerationAre my marketing efforts generating enough leads and sales?
  • Mobile Marketing: Is my web presence optimized for mobile devices?
  • Social Media: How effectively are we using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in our marketing?
  • Blogging: Is my blog driving results that justify the time investment, or are we wasting time doing the wrong things?
  • Overall Analysis: What are the strong points and shortcomings in our marketing?
  • Website:  How your website compares to your competitors
    • How well your website is doing on the top search engines
    • If your website meets with Google’s web design recommendations
    • What features of your website optimization?
    • If your digital advertisements reaching those it should?
    • How consistent your NAP information is on the web?


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