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Synergy Golf Solutions is a full-service golf course marketing company that specializes in delivering results-based golf course marketing products and strategies for golf courses and golf industry clientele.  Long before the advent of golf course marketing companies,  owner and founder of Synergy Golf Solutions David Cowan was working in the golf industry as a General Manager, and was lucky enough to have benefited from the "If You Build It They Will Come" philosophy as the industry continued to grow and flourish at this time.   While enjoying this era of tremendous growth David continued to learn and hone the skills required to market and grow his facilities even further and many of these early practices put in place then are now the foundation of the products being used by Synergy Golf Solutions today to help grow your business.  With over 35 years experience in the actual marketing of golf courses who would you rather trust to help you with your marketing, someone who tells you they can do it or someone with the work and experience in the golf industry to prove it?   


Synergy Golf Solutions offers a full suite of off and online golf marketing services tailored to help our clients achieve success. Our products and services include but are not limited to Golf Course Website Development, Golf Course SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services, Golf Course Data Collection Services, Golf Course Email Marketing, Golf Course Social Media Marketing, as well as Golf Course Content Marketing, Golf Course Reputation Management and Golf Course Photo & Video Editing designed with the golf industry in mind.


Some 20 years ago, Synergy Golf Solutions was also one of the early pioneers in the golf marketing industry as they introduced and specialized in the concept of Content Marketing while utilizing the practice of Engagement and Entertainment as the foundation of their websites and marketing.  Content Marketing was not even an industry buzz word back then as most golf courses continued the standard practice of sell, sell, sell.  Our focus or recommended practice was that if you engaged and entertained your customer first, you were more likely to sell them something as they were less likely to realize they were being sold.

Synergy Golf has come up with the simplest solution that will now allow you to post directly onto your home page news/blog section from your mobile phone.  It is now simple to capture any type of news related happening at your club and in minutes have it posted directly to where it matters, your Homepage.  In addition, once it has posted to your homepage, it will then automatically post to all your Social Media channels without you having to do a thing.  This will not only save you time it will also allow you to use the feature for three different types of news post that are important to your marketing as well as your business.  Now you will have three different types of marketing posts, 1.  General Posts that are golf driven that are about the golf business in general.  2.  Promotional Posts that allow you to promote any event happening at the club that you want people to see and be informed about.  3.  Feel Good Post (Maybe The Most Important) which are exactly that feel good things that most of your Members and Guests truly want to see.  Maybe it's Mrs. Smith first hole in one or a misty morning picture from on the golf course that most people never see, what about Men's or Ladies Night winners or a family of ducks swimming in the pond.  Regardless of the content what is important is that this is now simple to do for you to continue to add content to your own site.

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