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Reputation management (sometimes referred to as rep management, online reputation management or ORM) is the practice of attempting to shape the opinion or perception of your golf course online by influencing what information is made available and visible to others about your business.

The initial approach to golf course reputation management is consistent monitoring of any reference to your business, generally through social media monitoring and carefully crafted search keyword phrases or queries. The ability to know what is being said and by whom in relationship to your business is key as it then allows you to react in an appropriate manner when negative information or problems are revealed online.


Synergy Golf utilizes specialized software that continues to monitor your golf courses reputation online 24/7.  We know what is being said when it is being said and who is saying it the minute it appears anywhere online.  This allows us to work with you in the appropriate way to verify the content and then begin to plan the best course of action to combat this negative spin on your business.  It may be a direct response to the post, tweet, or review, it could be the creation of positive new content in direct response to this negative organic content or it may be that we determine with you that's it's best not to do anything at all.  Whatever the action the intent is to ensure we maintain your reputation.  Although there are artificial ways to at least attempt to affect your online reputation, there’s no way to effectively create a false impression with any lasting power. You can choose what information to intentionally share online but you cannot control the conversation about you or your brand.


Synergy Golf also has developed software designed to help with the review of your business.  Currently, most reviews in the golf business occur through Google, FaceBook, and Trip Advisor, however, we can set up the software to provide assistance with the review process with an online review site.  The way the software works is that we encourage people to review your business right on your own website using a special system connected to all the major review sites outlined above but with one special difference before any negative review is posted live online you have a chance to respond to the person or review via email.  In the standard five-star type review process that is used by most review companies including Google, Facebook, and Trip Advisor if your customer gives you a three star or less review on your own website the software automatically sends us the details and allows you the opportunity to fix the situation before it is posted live.  It's like a filter for bad reviews.


For businesses, the most effective approach to reputation management involves promoting your company honestly and with integrity while implementing great customer service practices as well as management and actively engaging with customers online and more importantly in person.


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