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Video & Photo Editing & Marketing Video Creation

We will provide the software to be able to modify or edit any pictures or Videos in order to be able to utilize them in a marketing platform.  Our Software will not only change the appearance of a photo but we can also turn any group of photos into a promotional video with music, text and a real marketing message.  

How We Create a Video


1.  Choose a Video Maker.


We have two video creation products — Memories, a slideshow video maker for personal videos, holidays, memories, and event recaps, and a Marketing video builder for marketing, business, and social media videos.

2.  Select Your Assets.


Grab your photos and video clips from Facebook, Instagram, Flickr — or wherever you store them — or upload them from your desktop. Shoot new assets, or get started quickly with ones you already have.


3.  Pick a Style or Storyboard.


Set the stage for your story with one of our slideshow video styles. With over 100 to choose from, there’s a video style to suit just about every occasion. Or, start with a pre-built storyboard in our Marketing video builder.


4.  Set a Soundtrack.

Play DJ. Add a song from our extensive music library, already licensed and ready to use. Or, upload your own favorite tracks to match your photos and video clips.

5.  Mix it Up.


Narrate your story in your own words, using captions and well-placed title cards. Set the pace of your images and highlight your best ones. It’s video editing at its best... without any of the hassles.


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