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Golf Website Design

Golf Course Website Design & Development.

We design, build and host your golf website utilizing the advanced technology found on the WIX Website Platform.  With over 4m active sites they are truly the leader in the website development business. Their CMS (Content Management System) is one of, if not the easiest to use of any we have seen making it simple for your team to update and keep your sites content fresh and relative.  No longer will you have to wait for, or rely on someone else to be available to make the changes to your golf website as we will train you on how to use this easy and versatile system.  In the event that you do need help, we are always there with our commitment to you that our training never ends.


Custom Development of Your Golf Website.

Even though we do begin with a template design as the starting point of your site, don't think for a second that each part of your site is still not customized as it truly is.  The original template helps us reduce the overall cost of development of the site as Wix does all the heavy lifting in this department by perfecting the initial design and programming required to produce it and we build on top of this development.


With this in mind, you can now see how our time is better spent in the customization and look of your site rather than the development and this way we can produce websites at 1/2 the cost of most others.


Think of it this way, "We Add The Paint To a Beautifully Drawn Canvass."


What Makes Us Different?

In addition to the many special features of our golf course websites, we also feel we have discovered the secret of success to build the best websites in the golf business.  Most website companies focus on providing content and trying to develop brand statements which become a little dry and boring, where we focus on providing Entertainment first in order to engage your customer and keep them coming back to your site - the true key to your online marketing success.


With such things as automated golf pools, golf trivia, and online games, articles on famous golfers, the rules of golf, the etiquette of golf, recent equipment articles, pro tips etc. just to name a few,  your customer becomes comfortable and at ease, with your site and doesn't feel overwhelmed with offers, specials, and promotions always trying to sell them something like most websites do. The real difference is, you are always selling something but your customer doesn't feel like they are being sold.


Check out the FYI Section on any of our Websites or see some examples on our own site by Clicking Here, but we want to warn you, you might just have some fun and want to go back and visit again!!

Ask Yourself These Questions. 

First and foremost, we recommend that you ask yourself a few questions when it comes to your current golf website and the role it plays in your marketing efforts.


  1. Is your golf courses website the cornerstone or home of your current marketing initiatives?

  2. Does your golf website engage and entertain your customer or just provide information?

  3. Is your website fun or just factual?

  4. Does your current site analytics show that people return to your website often?

  5. Do people open your current e-mail blasts or marketing efforts regularly?

  6. Does your website have a CCM (Custom Content Manager) that allows you to easily control all aspects of your site?

  7. Does your current site truly help market your business?


 If you answered NO to any number of these questions it might just be time to look at a change to your current site. Even if you didn't answer no you may just owe it to yourself and more importantly to your company to take a look at a fresh new way to utilize your site as a marketing tool rather than just a website full of facts.


We Know the Business of Golf Course Websites but more importantly, we Know The Business of Golf.


A Recent Golf Website Build - Lowville Golf Club On Different Devices

Golf Course Website Design - Lowville
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