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Understanding what you can and cannot do when it comes to marketing is one of the initial things we help you determine when we enter into a marketing partnership with you.  We totally understand the idea that most golf courses are doing way more with less these days and some courses are unable to execute many more tasks than they are already doing where some courses are fortunate to have dedicated marketing people already on staff.  Regardless of which position you are facing, we are here to help any way necessary to ensure one thing, we execute the marketing plan we have put together with you.




In order to ensure we get the most out of your marketing dollars in the event, we are tasked to help with any part of your marketing,  we utilize an innovative and unique billing system that ensures that you pay only for the services we provide. While most marketing companies bill per piece or per campaign, we bill per hour. We start the timer when we begin and stop it when we’re done, so whether your piece takes 15-minutes or three hours, you’ll only pay for the work we do.


We can also quote any project with a not to exceed number if that model fits your budget better.


Short List Of Services


  • Facebook Updates

  • Website Updates-News, Photo Galleries, Members Areas

  • Creating Pinterest Pages

  • Monitoring and Writing Reviews

  • Tweeting

  • Creating Flyers For Events

  • Creating Member Newsletter

  • Eblast Creation

  • Weekly or Monthly E-Newsletters/Specials

  • Database Growth Strategies

  • Implementing Contests and Giveaway

  • Database Management

  • Creating Online Photo Albums

  • Updating the Blog

  • Researching Competitive Set and Competitive Market

  • Reviewing, Reporting and Making Strategy Recommendations

  • Researching, Un-utilized Marketing Media

  • Generating and Monitoring Pay-Per-Click Programs

  • Research POS System, Tee Time Booking Engines, Other Software/Hardware Proposals.


Detailed Descriptions


Professional Copywriting and Implementation of Weekly E-Newsletter and Specials

These email specials and newsletters go out once every week to the club database and include tee time special rates, news and information, opportunities to sign up for events and purchase items/promotions. After consultation with the club management, SYNERGY will collect and sort data, upload data, select and import graphics, select appropriate links, send the newsletter to database and post to social media. The newsletter is also used as a vehicle to sell at-risk inventory in the short term should there be a soft spot on the tee sheet or if a special event is scheduled.


Professional Copywriting for All Media

From composing website copy for your entire website to adding new pages or simply re-working the copy in your existing site, Synergy can transform your website copy into powerful, descriptive, sales copy with motivating calls to action and up-to-date information. Let your website actually do what it was meant to do…inform, communicate, entice and sell! 


SYNERGY’s professional copywriting talents span all media, so if your collateral could use a dusting off and cleaning up, or if your Twitter, Facebook posts are lying flat, we can breathe new life into them and make them work for you. This is true of ad copywriting for all media including the newspaper. If you rely on your local newspaper ad copywriter, chances are, your ad will look just like your competition’s. Let us help you stand apart!


Website Content Management--Critical

The website is the hub of the advertising and marketing campaigns which makes management of the website content absolutely critical. This is where we grow our databases and communicate with old and new customers alike. It’s our one chance to make a great first impression and hook a new customer. If it’s not fresh and engaging, it’s not selling for you. You cannot afford to leave your most valuable advertising and marketing tool up to the management of an amateur. We will professionally and expertly manage your content, contest, links, specials, hover ads, e-tail store and more. This may be your number-one, most critical marketing tool. Do not let it go unmanaged.


Website and On-site Contest Development and Management

Through Synergy Marketing strategic partnerships and through local media outlets as well as through trade/promos through vendors, we’ll procure valuable prizes to be used in contests on the web, through social media, and in-house. These contests improve goodwill, grow loyalty and help increase customer base through pass-along.


Manage Wedding Sites

If your club utilizes outlet-specific websites like a wedding site or events site, In addition to your main website, we will manage data-capture, organic SEO, auto-responder follow up, photo galleries and more. Synergy, in conjunction with the event coordinator, will update with images, articles, contests, and collateral.


Manage PPC Campaigns and SEO

Pay-Per-Click and SEO campaigns are an integral part of getting your club in front of visiting players in destination markets. These are also incredibly valuable for getting in front of local golfers. To maintain this placement requires expert attention and strategy provided by Synergy. For Many Clubs, SEO is one of the primary marketing keys to success.


Copywriting and implementation for Yield Management Needs

As a function of yield management, when a change is made to green fees online, or the tee sheet needs an additional push, last-minute tee time special emails are sent two-four times per week. We select tee times from inventory, write the copy and send the blast either with club collaboration. A great tool for elimination of spoilage!


Technical Liaison For the Club 

If you’re like most clubs, the current staff at your club does not have enough time in the day, nor experience with the existing technology to properly and efficiently troubleshoot and solve tech problems and answer associates’ technology question. Synergy will be on call to handle all tech issues and to provide expert advice as to expedient and cost-effective solutions.


Training and System Writing

Each department and each position needs systems in place to help management avoid becoming dependent upon the individual expertise of anyone associate. We will write bullet-proof systems for each department as needed and amend any existing systems as the need arises. We will also train staff on proper usage of technology, POS, etc. as needed.


Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn and all Social Media Management

Managing Social Media takes time and energy and dedication to manage and maintain. We will develop Facebook-specific campaigns and we will tie other campaigns to Facebook to help maintain freshness, build buzz and grow fans and friends. If you are currently letting your Social Media Presence go unmanaged, you could be hurting the club. Let us help you maximize your Social Media presence.


Golf App Updates 

The Golf App can be a powerful tool if utilized. We can help grow player participation and build more customer loyalty by sending push notifications for App users only. It’s a great way to capture and keep the tech-savvy golfer


Ad Coordination with Local Media 

Synergy’s Newspaper and Online Newspaper campaigns have been extremely successful depending upon the market, but the local paper always needs expert input and direction, or they’ll produce the same, dull and unimaginative ads your competition is running. Also, it is very important to stay on top of and monitor any ROS, re-targeting and network ads to be sure they are effective. We will be happy to coordinate, develop write, and re-write all campaigns.


Data Management 

The marketing strategies employed at your club should generate thousands of pieces of data that need to be massaged and groomed into specific databases, cleaned and organized to maximize their effectiveness. We will manage your data for you monthly, freeing you up to enjoy the results of targeted, precise marketing


Sourcing New Marketing Avenues-as Needed

This an ever-changing marketing landscape with new technologies and innovative ways to use old technology in new ways being developed almost daily. We will stay ahead of the curve so that your club can be the first to utilize the newest marketing avenues should they match your business model.   Likewise, this will allow your staff to forward new opportunities that are presented to them by vendors directly to Synergy for practicality and effectiveness review. If it’s new and it works, we don’t want to miss it. If it’s new and it’s a flop, you need to know. We’ll tell you.



Synergy will collect, develop and review reporting from all marketing programs vis-à-vis the sales reports and recommend changes, tweaks or cancellations. Good reporting, well reviewed can both save the company significant expense and help generate significant revenue. Synergy’s review will do both for you. Never miss an opportunity to save. Embrace every opportunity to generate revenue!


Weekly Review of Competitive Set

Keep your competition on your sites. Weekly secret shopping and weekly online comparisons will help us keep an eye on what your competitors are doing so that you can be sure to have a plan in play to counter when necessary. Often this will mean doing exactly the opposite of your competition. Let them win the race to the bottom as we continue to draw customers through value-adds and loyalty programs.


Creative AND Effective Marketing Collateral

Why the emphasis on “and” in the headline? Because the one doesn’t necessarily lead to the other. Have you ever gotten to the end of an incredibly creative ad and said, “What was that all about? What were they advertising?” That’s the sound of big bucks going down the toilet.

Let Synergy review your existing collateral and turn it into powerful sales tools so that your staff can confidently deliver them, knowing they are contributing to the sales process on more than just an informative, or aesthetic level. And, if you don’t have any collateral or you’re just starting a new program, call us first. We’ll develop the powerful, effective sales collateral for you, save you tons of dough and get you selling!


Individual Targeting Eblasts to Promote Specific Events/Specials

In addition to weekly specials, additional email blasts are used to promote special events, announcements, sales, marketing endeavors, ticket giveaways, etc. These eblasts generate buzz and maintain loyalty and help increase your bottom line.




You may choose to utilize Synergy Marketing for some or all of the above services. The amount of time allocated to each task as listed above is an estimate and may be less or more depending on the circumstances surrounding the depth of service and the needs of the club.




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