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Golf Course Social Media Marketing with Syndication

We have taken the worry as well as the difficulty out of utilizing golf course social media as a key part of your overall communications strategy.  


We have combined a select group of social channels with the ongoing news and blog section from your website and have made it automatic that anytime you post anything in this section of your website it posts directly to the associated social channel as well as to a variety of additional syndicated channels we have handpicked and utilize online. In addition to consistent ongoing communication keyed around your business, this also ensures your content is broadcast across the internet in a manner best suited to be picked up by the major search engines in order to continue to rank you high in their SEO rankings. One of the most important things to Google is relative and fresh content relating to what people are searching for so we make sure yours resonates with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 


In addition, we have also addressed the one thing most had forgotten or maybe never had learned about Social Media, was that Social Media was supposed to be Social. Most have continued to use social media like an average newspaper ad and did nothing other than post specials and weekly promotions to these social accounts.  It did not take long for the average consumer to get tired of the continued solicitation through these social channels and realizing these were not social orientated, they opted out or stopped following.  Now we are not saying you can't post your upcoming special as we believe this is important, however it must be mixed with a variety of media and information based on entertaining and engaging your customer.


With this in mind, we have made your News/Blogs & Videos Page a complete entertainment center designed to engage your customer and get them coming back to your website on regular bases.















              News or Blog Posts on Website                                            Video Post On Website


The news and blog section of the page will have all the current news and happenings from the club to provide that feel good or warm and fuzzy type news that your customer or member is looking for. At the same time, Synergy will provide generic content to the site based on what's trending in the golf industry itself or something fun and be entertaining that will engage people as a whole. This combination of content combined with occasional pieces to drive specials and promotions will provide a proven platform to build a well rounded social media marketing initiative.















            FaceBook - A Key Social Platform                              Twitter - #Key Communication Tool















      Google Plus - A Must For Google Rankings                   Linked In - Reach a Different Audience















                                                 YouTube - A Must For Video Marketing


Why stop there?  We think you shouldn't!!  So we also provide additional entertainment for your customer in the form of a live feed from your branded YouTube Channel with relative content for your customer to view as well as content you have created directly for the golf course.  Either way, people love to view videos so we provide the right opportunity.  The last piece of content we help you provided is a direct RSS Feed from the internet with a variety of golf news, videos, equipment and general information most golfers are interested in.  Imagine if your members and Guests or Customers came to your website every day to get their golf news, do you not think they might also see something else you might be promoting?  Remember driving traffic or people to your website is the first step to driving them to your front door!!! 

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