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Golf Course Data Collection Marketing
Golf Course Data Collection Marketing

For the First Time Ever, Build Your Golf Course Data Base, Quickly, Efficiently and Larger Than You Ever Imagined Possible!!


Have you ever thought to yourself? Wow, if I just had a large enough database I could market directly to my customers in a very cost-effective manner and get my marketing message out directly to people interested in my business.  I know we have!


For years when we took on any new contract to run a golf course the first thing we would look at was the size and quality of the database that we could use for direct marketing for the business. Every place we went the same thing existed; everyone had made a start on compiling their data or list but in most cases, they were very small and certainly had not be scrubbed or qualified in a very long time. 


The problem that exists is that it is difficult to impact any market with a database list less than 7,500 qualified participants that are truly interested in hearing what you have to say.  It's obvious that the bigger the list the better, right?  Not necessarily, I would rather have a smaller list of qualified leads rather than a huge list where most people are not interested in our marketing efforts.  Open rates are the key to this marketing program, not the number of people you send it to. 


How To Collect Data on Your Customer?


So how do we grow this database in a way that we don't have to wait ten years to have a decent size list that we can use to market, help promote and grow our business?


By the results we have seen with a lot of courses we realize this is a lot more difficult then we first anticipated however if we understand how important data collection is we will dedicate our team to doing so each and every day.


Simple Golf Course Data Collection Marketing Methods (That Are Not Always Simple)


  1. Collect Data direct at the POS station in every department of your business.  When a player checks in to golf, has lunch, books a Tee Time etc.

  2. Collect Data in the Lounge and Restaurant utilizing evaluation forms as well as a suggestion box

  3. Utilize online surveys and questioners to collect data as well as learn more about your customer.


Innovative Golf Course Data Collection Marketing Methods (Designed to Engage & Reward)


  1. Our newest contest to help in the collection of data on your customer is an online Long Drive Contest.  This will be an interactive contest that the customer must sign in for (we obtain data) and once registered they will play the contest.  This contest will have a set of prizes to be won but the top prize for the long drive will be a qualification for a Long Drive Day at the end of the season at the club.  So what was once a difficult thing to do, collect data has turned into a simple thing to do that also doubles as an event at the club.

  2. How about collecting data on the players in all your corporate events or tournaments?  We have the contest for that, the online Closest to the Pin Contest that provides an interactive fun game for all players in these events.  We realized that every golf course usually donates a prize to each tournament so why not devise a way to gather data on these players and use the prizes we were already donating as the hook for us to collect data.  Each tournament registration table will be given an address accessible by smartphone and all-tournament registrants can play the contest at their leisure once they have checked in.

  3. The online website driven Spin to Win Wheel will provide a fun way to collect data while at the same time offering a great prize program to drive new customers to your business.  People spin the wheel and everyone wins a prize but before doing so they must provide you with the data you require.

  4. The online "Free Golf Fore Life" virally spread contest with unlimited growth of your database.  Utilizing your own customer to help spread the contest and collect extra data the contest provides a great prize (your choice) to the winner and an opportunity for all to increase their odds of winning the more they support your business.  A true Win/Win

  5. A scratch n win handout that can be a fun way to collect data during tournaments, outings, events at your club where you normally are giving the group a prize of gift anyway.  Why not get data collected for the free foursome you give to that tournament?  We can show you how.


Utilize these fun interactive methods to collect data and you just might find your database becomes a true method of successfully marketing your business.

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Our Long Drive Contest

Our Closest To The Pin Contest

Golf Course Data Collection Marketing Game

Additional Data Collection Contests

Golf Course Data Collection Marketing
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