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Golf Course Marketing SEO Services


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SERVICES

We can and have built some of the best golf websites in the business but what does it matter if no one can find your site on the web?  In addition to building these great sites, we also offer a very reasonably priced Golf Course SEO Service designed to do one thing, get you to the first page of all major search engines based on a predetermined set of search parameters related to your business as well as your sub-businesses.  Not only do we optimize you for golf, what about lessons, club fitting,  golf shop products, weddings, banquets, special events etc.  Most golf courses have a variety of businesses in addition to the tradition of playing golf so why not optimize them to drive traffic to your site and new business to your door.


Get your Golf Course Ranked in the Local and Organic Search Results.


We specialize in getting your golf course found for all of the highest searched golf related Keyword Searches for Golf in your City as well as any adjacent markets that you should also rank in.  We utilize true Whitehat SEO techniques to ensure that your results are completely legitimate and will last long term.  These searches also trigger what is known as the local results or the “3-Pack Google Plus Local Results” which generally appears in the form of a Google Map followed by three listings.  These first three listings or the top-3 local results are in rotation — depending on the searcher's physical location. However, once one of these listings is clicked on it opens a new search view with a map, a list of 20 competitors, and a version of the old local card with detailed information.  These 20 listings can and will be affected by your SEO efforts so it is important to utilize proper techniques for local SEO as well as your organic SEO.


We use Tested, Tried and True Internet Marketing and SEO techniques that will get you legitimately ranked on all the major search engines, No Blackhat techniques here as utilized by many SEO spammers who will tell you they can guarantee a #1 position on Google in 4 weeks.  When it sounds too good to be true it usually is.  We will work with you long-term with a proven strategy and we will show you our current clients results and have you speak to them directly.  Real People, Real Businesses, with Real Results. These results will make your phone ring and drive people to your course.


There are many technical things involved in SEO (as outlined in the graphic shown below), such as onsite optimization, link profile or backlinks, social media signals, keyword research site speed and many many more.  We don’t want to bother you with SEO JARGON, we want to deliver you results!  However, if you are interested in additional information on SEO for your golf course with a complete list of Synergy's Services or you wish to speak with someone from Synergy Please press the button below.



Golf Course Marketing SEO Services
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