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Things to love about golf in the fall

Fall golf is a double-edged sword, especially for those of us who live in areas that experience all four seasons.

On the one hand, it's bar none the most beautiful, most scenic time of the year to hit the links. On the other hand, it means that golf season will be ending... quickly.

As the temperatures drop and the colors of the leaves change, here are some of the things I love most about golf during the fall season.

The weather. It might be a little crisp at times, but isn't it a nice change of pace from those brutally hot summer days on the course? Isn't it also nice to not have your clothes sticking to you because of sweat while you try to take a swing? Everything about the fall is just a little more comfortable than the rest of the year.

Usually, it's less expensive. Yeah, that might mean having to deal with the necessary evil that is aerated greens, but the fall season typically offers some great deals at courses you may other wise skip over because of the cost of a round. Is there a course on your list that you usually believe to be out of your price range? Do yourself a favor and check out their fall rates.

Lowered expectations. That one might seem silly, but it could also be the key to help you post some great late-season goals. Playing late in the season, sometimes, is a bonus and you can appreciate the fact that you're out there more because the days are so much shorter. With leaves falling and maybe not the best of greens, you're probably not teeing it up with the thought that you're going to shoot lights out. That helps keep your mind off the score and frees you up to focus on the shot at hand.

The post-round drink. This is great any season, no doubt, but after a round in the fall -- instead of a beer or other libation -- it could be a nice, warm Irish coffee or a hot chocolate.

The course is usually firmer. As the temperatures go down (and if you haven't had much rain), the ground typically firms up. Catch a good drive in the right conditions and there's a chance you're going to see a lot more roll out in the fairways than you're used too... keep that in mind too for your approach shots. You might want to club down a touch hitting into the firmer greens.

The courses are less crowded. Pace of play is so much better in the fall since their just aren't as many players out there. If you're usually a cart golfer, this is a great time to walk instead. Aside from the obvious health benefits, it keeps the blood flowing and keeps you warm for that next shot. Also, when you're not having to focus on driving a cart, you can spend more time taking in your surroundings... which brings us to what we love most...

The surroundings. Trees with leaves covering all the hues of greens, yellows, reds and oranges. It's like playing golf in a painting, isn't it?

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